A Chronicle of Indian Removal Through Arkansas

Arkansas is the pivotal state in the story of Indian removal, for all parties of these tribal people who removed from the Southeast under terms of American Indian removal policy passed through this state as they drew near the western end of their journey. Because travel routes within Arkansas were very limited, groups from all tribes moved along the same basic routes once they entered the state.

The chronicle presented below provides information to help expand the research related to removal routes of all the tribes. It reprints contemporary news reports of Indian removal through Arkansas. Its purpose is to provide contemporary information from sources that are widely scattered and not as easily accessible as national and state archival materials. Though its focus is on the five tribes listed above, removal of other tribes to Indian Territory (the Senecas for instance) had an economic impact on Arkansas. Thus the chronicle includes information related to those removals as well. Because most routes taken by removal parties passed by or through Little Rock, the bulk of the chronicle consists of items from the Arkansas Gazette and the Arkansas Advocate at Little Rock. Additional items were retrieved from the Batesville News and theHelena Constitutional Journal. The chronicle will be expanded occasionally as other information sources are located and searched, including newspapers at Memphis, Vicksburg, Natchez, and other locations.

Cherokee Chronicle

Chickasaw Chronicle

Choctaw Chronicle

Creek Chronicle

Seminole Chronicle

Seneca Chronicle