About this Project
Little Rock Now, Then, and Could Have Been: An Archival Tour in Pictures
Little Rock Now, Then, and Could Have Been: An Archival Tour in Pictures

About this Project

Little Rock, Arkansas, is a great city with a rich history. One of the best ways to explore the city’s history is through photographs and images.  This digital exhibit presents a pictorial history of Little Rock Now, Then, and Could Have Been. Here you can see historic photographs of Little Rock learning, playing, shopping, working, […]

Main Street

Main Street is historically the center of a city, theoretically if not geographically. Little Rock’s Main Street is no exception.


Work builds cities. From constructing buildings that form the city skyline or starting businesses that meet the city’s needs, the work people in Little Rock do forms the lifeblood of the metropolis.


Local politics engage a city’s people in both meeting their needs and building their dreams. Sometimes contentious and sometimes humorous, politicking in Little Rock has made the city what it is today.


Everyone needs time to relax and enjoy the amenities their city has to offer. There is no shortage of entertainers, venues, and festivals in Little Rock.


Landmarks make a city recognizable and help establish an identity. Man-made landmarks commemorate or celebrate the events and people that make a city what it is.


Who doesn’t love a shopping spree every once in a while? Little Rock’s residents can enjoy a wide range of stores for everyday needs or those occasional days when they need a treat.


Church buildings mark the physical locations where people come together for worship, fellowship, charity, and solace. They also serve as landmarks and anchors for communities within the city.


Education is critical in building an informed and active citizenry, and a city’s schools serve as centers for ideas, nurturing, and advancement. In its rich history, Little Rock’s schools have been home to everyday epiphanies and civil rights breakthroughs.