Virtual Exhibit

This virtual exhibit provides readers a broad range of various figures and characteristics about the desegregation crisis through commentary by a variety of scholars. Readers can explore the Little Rock Nine, Daisy Bates, Elizabeth Huckaby, the Arkansas Gazette, and the role of television in the crisis.

The website features a media gallery with photos, cartoons, documents, and audiovisual materials. This content covers the Little Rock Nine’s initial attempts to enter the school, the 101st Airborne at the school, video clips of television news coverage. Editorial cartoons are included in the gallery from the Bill Graham Collection (UALR.MS.0022) and the Jon Kennedy Collection (UALR.MS.0023), housed at the Center for Arkansas History and Culture. Other elements include oral histories of the Little Rock Nine and other people involved, and two timelines of a wide overview of Central High School’s legacy and an in-depth history of the crisis.

The virtual exhibit includes education materials with lesson plans covering topics such as the Little Rock Nine, Daisy Bates, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Lost Year.

Legacy Little Rock

Student Segregationists at Central High School

Little Rock’s Working-Class Whites

Under the Magnifying Glass: The FBI Investigates Little Rock

The Arkansas Religious Community’s Response to Desegregation

Arkansas Gazette

The Special Education Committee Hearing

Racism Will Be Televised

Central High School: A Cold War Hot Spot

Preserving the Memory of Place

Central High Students Today: The Memory Project


The Little Rock Nine

Harry Ashmore

Daisy Bates

Virgil Blossom

Orval Faubus

Brooks Hays

Elizabeth Huckaby

Adolphine Fletcher Terry

The Lorches