Tribal Writers Digital Library

Sequoyah National Research Center

About the Tribal Writers Digital Library

The Native Writers Digital Text Project brings the works of Native poets and writers of fiction and other prose to readers world wide. Featuring out-of-print literary efforts of American Indians, Alaska Natives, and First Nations people of Canada, the project seeks to broaden the definition of “Native Writing” not only by focusing on writers who are not ordinarily anthologized, but also by publishing works which originally appeared in “ephemeral” sources and the periodical press, especially in those publications edited and produced by Natives.

Each selection is prepared by a student editor working with one of the SNRC directors. Students learn the principles of editing and preparing a work for publication. They also research and write the accompanying biographical and background essays. Inquiries concerning any aspect of the project may be directed to Daniel Littlefield at or 501.569.8336 or American Native Press Archives, 500 University Plaza, 2801 S. University Avenue, Little Rock, AR 72204.

Terms Of Use

These works are the property of the American Native Press Archives. They may be copied freely by individuals for personal use, research, and teaching (including distribution to classes) as long as this statement is included. Please request permission before linking to these pages from any other internet resource. These texts may not be not be reproduced as a commercial or non-profit product, in print or from an information server without permission.